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In this article, we are going to reveal the logic behind the leaf shrink of Mimosa Pudica. This plant has several other names like Shy plant, Touch me not plant, छुई-मुई, लाजवंती का पौधा.

Whenever we touch the leaves of the Shy plant it shrinks its leaf as shown in the figure. It seems like it is feeling shy and doesn’t want anyone to touch it.

Before we go further let us know what is inside the leaf causing it to be open and close.

What’s inside the leaf of Mimosa Pudica?

There is a part of a leaf right at the foot of the leaf known as Pulvinus which is the reason for every leaf to be in an open condition in almost all plants.

Pulvinus, Lamina, Stem & Stalk
Pulvinus, Lamina, Stem & Stalk

The Pulvinus contains some amount of cells filled with water. This water creates pressure on the wall keeping the wall straight and leaf open. This is known as the Turgor Pressure.

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What happens when we touch Shy plant?

Now when we touch the leaf, a certain type of chemical is released from a specific part of the plant. This chemical causes the Pulvinus to lose water inside it.

Pulvinus with & without water
Pulvinus with & without water

And due to the same Turgor pressure, it gets shrink causing the outer angle to decrease, and as a result, leaf closes.

So, I hope you understand the logic of why this plant feels shy. Also, comment on what you thought when you saw this first time happening to you.

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