Why Lasers are so powerful?

laser light

Light is a weak form of energy however lasers are a very powerful source of energy why?
For understanding the above question, first, let us know about light and laser first.

Light can be defined as electromagnetic radiation or spectrum (i.e, bands of seven colors) with a varying wavelength of (400-700 nm), which can be detected by human eyes. Light shows a unique property of both particles as well as waves. It exists in small packets of energy know as photons. The main source of light in this Universe is Sun.

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, i.e. ‘LASER’ which is a machine that emits an amplified single-color coherent light through a process called optical amplification. It works by stimulating the transition between the electron’s energy levels of electromagnetic radiation.

In 1960 at Hughes Research Laboratories ‘Laser’ was first invented by Theodore H.Mailman, which was based on the work of Arthur Leonard Schawlow and Charles Hard Townes.

Now, Let’s us understand how Laser light and Normal light differs.
  •  Light is generally unpolarized and is polychromatic (i.e mixtures of different colors) with the wavelength in the range of 400-700(approx) whereas Laser light is polarised and is partially monochromatic (i.e. only single color is present )in nature.
  • Laser light can easily focus on a very tiny spot of high intensity. So, that it does not get wider i.e. it shows converging property and becomes strong.
    On the other hand, Normal light gets deflected into different directions when it hits an object i.e. it shows diverging property and becomes weaker.
  • Laser lights are made stronger by passing it through special gases and mirrors. But in case of normal light, no such instruments are used.

Hence, from the above discussion, we can understand that normal light is a weak source of energy whereas Laser lights a powerful source of energy.

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