Why are holes present in Pumice stone

Pumic Stone

We all have heard of pumice stone at least once in our life or have used it without knowing its name. Because this stone is very useful in our daily life for cleaning. There are a few types of stones that fall under this category of pumice stone. Few of them are used in cleaning metal dishes and the most famous pumice stone is the stone we use in beauty parlors or salons for skin cleaning.


Pumice stone is the only stone that is not heavy and which can float on the water surface. This floating specialty of this stone makes it different from every other stone on the planet. It floats on the water surface due to so many pores/holes present in this stone which makes them lighter.

Why are pores present in Pumice stone?

The reason for pores present in the pumice stone is only due to the formation procedure of this stone. Generally, every rock formation takes a very long time for cooling. Say, when a volcanic incident occurs, the lavas coming out from the volcano undergoes the process of cooling under natural climate temperature depending on the geographical location of the volcano. This cooling process takes years of years that makes a complete rock. Since the time taken for cooling is longer, it gets enough time to retain a high density of rocks which makes it heavier and stronger and mostly with no pores or holes.

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Whereas, there are many volcanoes situated right adjacent to water bodies like sea, lakes, or any other similar bodies. When lava comes from these types of volcanoes the most part of the lava directly falls in the water body which is responsible for the formation of pumice stone.

Lava directly falling into sea water

When the lava directly falls under the water then it goes under a very fast process of cooling of lava which evaporates the steam from the upper surface and makes the upper surface harder before its inner part gets cooled. Due to this different cooling procedure, the air in the lava of the inner part doesn’t get a chance to evaporate outside the lava. The inner lava cools slowly as compared to the outer part which is in the direct contact of water. As the inner part cools, it decreases its volume and increases density but the outer volume remains constant as it has already cooled. Due to this inner cooling, the air molecules in lava stay forever within the rock or stone as the holes/pores and that stone becomes special types of stone that we are familiar with the name of Pumice stone.

Different uses of pumice stone
  • It can de-pill your sweaters or like a dress.
  • Cleaning your toilets.
  •  Cleaning Oven.
  •  Remove Dog and Cat hairs from carpets or sofa or beds.
  • Remove hair by soaking it in warm water for a few minutes (say 5 minutes) and lather your hand with soap then gently rub your hand with the stone.
  • Distressing Jeans.
  • Most importantly in the beauty salon for manicure, pedicure.

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