What is Computer Virus

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What is Computer Virus?
We all are familiar with the term Virus whether it is a Computer virus or Biological virus. Today we are going to discuss the computer virus, which is a manmade computer program made to harm other computers

Before we talk much about computer viruses, we need to understand the basic concepts of A computer program. A computer program is a set of codes written in a certain language to do certain things within the computer which is also known as Softwares. These codes instruct the computer what to do & how to do it. Note that the computer system, not like humans can understand the objectives of all program, whereas it will do what has been instructed to it, irrespective of whether it is good or bad and gives 100% output. When you write any code, it is simply executed by the computer, no matter what it is for.

Now, a certain computer program is made for misusing purposes like hacking, ransom, or data leaking, etc there is always a person or an organization that is doing so. A virus can be found in any kind of electronic device which can be programmed.

Types of Viruses:
There are many types of Viruses in the world mentioned below-

Boot Sector Virus:  Many of us have heard the word booting on the computer. So, these type of viruses targets MBR (master boot record) which is responsible for booting process(A very fundamental process of a computer while starting)

Direct Action Virus: It is stored within a file, which acts only that particular file is executed.

Resident Virus: This virus is named according to its behavior i.e. it resides in the memory and very difficult to find and remove.

Multipartite Virus: This virus acts the same as its name, once it has infected the computer it multiplies the virus with several other areas dealing with the program.

Overwrite Virus: It is spread through emails and basically deletes the local files.

Spacefiller Virus: It is also known as the cavity virus because it occupies the empty spaces between the codes. Generally, it never harms any files but occupies memory.

File Infector Virus:  It is a very common type of virus that gets attached to the system files.  It is easily detected by virus detector software(antivirus).

What are the symptoms of virus-infected computers?
Like humans when a computer gets affected with any virus then they also show symptoms, just we need to understand and examine and take action. Below are few indications-

  • Slow performance of the computer.
  • Unnecessary pop-ups.
  • Unwanted multiplication files.
  • Presence of unknown files within the computer.
  • The program starts running automatically.
  • Files get corrupted and deleted.

How to protect computer?


Different kinds of antivirus software are used to protect the computer depending upon the use or purpose of the computer. There are many companies that make antiviruses for computers such as Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, AVG, Avast, Quick Heal, ESET, and many more.

So I believe that you have understood what is a virus and why it is made. Do share with your beloved once to protect their computer systems.

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