String Theory-What’s inside the Object?

String theory

Hello everyone today we are going to study about any kind of object. Yes! You read right, about any object. Actually share the knowledge about substance like how any substance or object is made. What’s inside the object?  What will we find if we go deeper and deeper? The answer is String Theory.

What’s inside of any Objects?

Molecules inside the substance

Most of know that any kind of substance is made of molecular compounds. The substance or object like fruits, metals, plastics, or any kind of thing that we know is made up of molecular compounds.  In other words, Substance consists of molecules. Weights of a substance depend on the weight of molecules known as molecular weight.

What’s inside of any Molecules?


Molecules are consist of atoms. Atoms combination forms molecules like H20 is a water molecule. A huge number of molecules make water which we drink to survive. Likewise, every substance consists of molecules which are made of atoms.

What’s inside of any Atoms?

Most of us have studied the atoms. Maybe we didn’t link it with the real objects because we can’t see it with naked eyes. Atoms are made up of Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons.  As shown in diagram atoms are the combination of protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons revolving the nucleus. The numbers of electrons, protons, and neutrons depend on the type of molecule, or in other words, we can say the type of atoms depends on the numbers of electrons, protons, and neutrons. These numbers result in the property of the substance.

What’s inside of any Neutrons?

If we go deeper inside the nucleus of an atom, we will find neutrons as mentioned above. Our focus is on what’s inside the neutrons.
A general study shows that there is nothing inside the neutrons but string theory is different.


String theory says that there is a thin string inside an object. This rounded string always keeps vibrating like a guitar chord and producing certain characteristics”.

So these string and their vibrations are the most basic thing of an object which are responsible for almost every incident and properties of the substance.

Why we can’t see molecules and atoms?

The size of Every molecule depends on its molecular formula.  Its weight also depends on these formulas. Their sizes are extremely small to be visible from naked eyes. Our named eye can see up to 0.1 millimeters whereas molecular are in Angstrom unit (1 mm = 10000000  Angstrom). Size and weight of a few molecular compounds that we use in our daily life are given below-

Friendly nameChemical FormulaSize (Angstroms)Weight (gm/mol)
Table saltNaCl758.44
Baking PowderNaHCO340-14084
Nailpaint removerCH3COCH3 (Acetone)6.1658
AlcoholCH3CH2OH (Ethanol)4.44.0682
Molecules with their size/weight

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