How does the Internet work?


Ever think of how you are able to download photos, videos, read articles right in your mobile or laptop? Or ever questioned yourself how the internet works? Below is the basic idea that everyone can understand.
We need to understand a few terms mentioned below to understand easily the whole working of the internet.


Every photo, videos, websites, etc are stored in a database known as a data center. The datacenter is made of solid-state devices that can hold heavy data. For example, all websites like RingStudy, Facebook, Google, etc are stored in data centers. Giant websites have their own data centers to handle their database.

Optical fibers

The data from the data center is sent to your mobile or laptop via optical fibers which are laid in your city including under the sea and over the mountain if needed. If you are reading this in your mobile then data is transmitted via Optical fiber to your operator’s tower nearest to you, then the electromagnetic wave is transmitted to your mobile. Or if you are using WiFi connection then Optical fiber is connected to your router via LAN cables.

Light signals in Optical fiber
Light signals in Optical fiber

IP address

 Like when we send any letter to any of our beloved places then we need to write a unique address so that it reaches the right place. The Internet also uses the same method. Every client (mobile user or laptop user) and the hosts/server (website) have their own IP addresses. When we are clicking on any option within the website then we are actually requesting something from a particular server IP from our client IP and the vice versa in case of downloading something from the web.
The IP address of the user is known as Client IP address and the IP address of the server is known server IP address.


We already discussed that every website has a server IP address. Because these IP addresses are not easy to remember, so every server’s IP address has a name given to them for easy use for users. These systems of naming are known as DNS (Domain Name System). Like Facebook’s IP address is, Google’s IP address is DNS server has all the website’s name associated with their IP addresses like our phonebook.
When you type any website URL in the browser address bar your browser sends the requests websites IP from DNS.

So how all these works together?

  • When you type any website URL in the browser address bar your browser sends the requests websites IP from DNS.
  • When DNS replies with the required server IP, then data is requested from that particular IP (required website)
  • After the connection with the server, website data starts downloading via optical fiber, LAN connection, WiFi, EM wave whatever be required to establish the connection.
  • Then we watch Youtube videos or use Facebook, etc.

The data transmitted/received on the internet are in the binary forms that can be in the form of light or electrical impulses. It is the same language in which the computer works. All these management of DNS, Server IP, Client IP is done by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

So, hope you have understood the basic of the internet which is enough for a common person. I hope you like the content and if you do then please share it with your friends.
Thank you!!!

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