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10 Scientist having beauty with brain

Well everyone knows that scientist never spend so much time on themselves to look good and therefore they are not good looking. But some of female scientists will change your mind.Here is the list of 10 female scientists who are actually beauty with brain. 1. Daniela Witten Daniela Witten’s research involves the development of statistical […]

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The Indian Dinosaur : Rajasaurus & Narmada River

Introduction Narmada, one of the major river in central india, also known as ” Rawa ” is the lifeline of Madhyapradesh and Gujarat. It rises from Amarkantak Plateau in Anuppur district of Madhya pradesh.Narmada passes through Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat completing almost 1312 KM and ended it’s journey into Gulf of Khambhat ( Arabian […]

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Top 10 Greatest Scientists who changed the World

Human society has reached today where it is largely on the back of scientific advancements. Can you imagine a world without electricity? Thousands of scientists have worked tirelessly throughout their lives on research, experiments, philosophies, and ideas to solve complex mysteries, save lives, make life easier, and take humanity forward. Here we take a look […]

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