Why does the Sun always Rise in the East?

Why ssun rises in the east

The sun always rises from the east but in these millions of years it has never happened that the sun rises from the West, but why? Do you know that why the sun always rises from the east? So let’s know in this post.

Sun is the largest star in our solar system which is present in the middle of the solar system and the sun is the most important source of energy in a solar system. The reason for all the life that exists on our earth is due to the Sun. The whole life on earth receives energy from the sun itself but how do the sunrise and set. To understand this we have to look above the solar system.

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The sun is in the middle of the solar system which rotates on its own axis. The sun does not travel in any direction as it rotates on its own axis only. But all the planets around the sun also revolve around their own axis and revolves around the sun. As well enters the whole solar system rotates in a certain circulate play system rotates in the opposite direction of the clock means rotation is anticlockwise. In this case, the sun only rotates on its axis but the earth revolves around its axis as well as around the sun. When we present on earth rotates from east to west direction and the part on which we are standing is facing the direction of the sun. We see the sun rising from the east if told in simple words then, not the sun but as the earth rotates.

We see the sun rising and setting means everything is caused by the rotation of the earth because the earth revolves around two types. First, the earth rotates on its axis, and second, the earth revolves around the sun. For this reason, there are days and nights on earth and the weather also changes. Sun neither rises nor sets, it is only present in its place but because of the way the earth rotates we feel that the sunsets and rises.

Now we will know some amazing and interesting facts hold the sun and the earth which you will never hear before.

  1. Do you know that the sun is a hollow star it is made up of 70% of hydrogen and 28% of helium? These both are gases that make the sun in fact the size of the sun is many times larger than the earth. The earth looks like a small ball in front of its size of the sun is so large that it can hold 960,000 earth through this fact you can get an idea about the shape of the sun the sun breaks 99.6% of the entire solar system.
  2. Do you know what is the surface temperature of the sun? The surface temperature of the sun is 15 million degrees Celsius. All the scientific experiments conducted to date such a high temperature have never been used experimentally because it is practically impossible. There is no such vessel that can tolerate so much temperature.
  3. Do you know that orbiting earth does not last 24 hours every day and night in 24 hours absolutely wrong 10 bodies right time the correct time is 23 hours 56 minutes and four seconds means three minutes and 56 seconds with less than 24 hours?
  4. When the sun has burned all its hydrogen gas it will continue to burn helium gas for one thirty million more years during this time it will expand to the point that it will engulf Mercury, Venus, and the earth. At this stage, it will have become a red gem. It will happen on one day that the size of the sun will be equal to the earth. But how it can be possible, the sun is the source of energy and it is continuously flowing its energy. On one day the same amount of helium and hydrogen gas will be left in it. At that time it will be equal to the earth.
  5. The sun is 4.6 billion years old and half its age has passed because 4.6 million years ago the hydrogen and helium gas was present in the sun now it is half.

So hope you liked the post and came to know interesting facts about the sun and the earth.

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