Why Ceiling Fans In India Have Only 3 Blades

Many people are not even aware of the fact that fans come in different types as far the number of blades are concerned. As per the Indian standards, all fans have three blades and their sole purpose is to provide a good circulation of air.

5 blade fan gif
5 blade fan

However, in many countries like US and Canada, fans that used are different from the fans that are used in India. The number of blades on these fans is more than three and some majorly concentrate on their show rather than their purpose.

The reasons for fans blade are listed below:


Since places like US and Canada are colder, and in summers almost all the places are centrally air-conditioned, the fans are used only in addition to the air conditioners. The fans here are required to move at a slow speed just to keep the cold air coming from the air conditioner circulating in the room.

Moreover, these countries are developed and using a fan as a mode of cooling is a rare sight. Therefore, fans are only secondary to help the cool air circulate throughout the room. However, in a country like India, majority of population cannot afford an air conditioner. They only have fans to rely on. Therefore the sole purpose of a fan is to provide air in every corner of a room.

5 blade fan
5 blade fan


Giving more weight to the reasoning of the above mentioned point, it must be told that the number of blades in a fan play a very important role in its efficiency. The more the number, the fan is only going to chop the air. However, with three blades, a fan remains balanced and is able to provide a good amount of air that is much more effective in beating the summer and tropical heat of a country like India. Since the number of blades is lesser, these fans can operate on higher speeds and prove to be more efficient.

By increasing the number of blades on a fan, it creates an aero dynamic drag on the motor thereby, decreasing the cost efficiency of it. Hence, in a country like India, fans with three blades are the most cost efficient.


Another reason for fans with higher blades being commonly used only in western countries is their affordability without much usage. They are used as an addition to the lighting fixtures and are required to be run at a lower speed. Since these fans are heavier or have a purpose other than providing air, they can afford to have more than three blades without their cost efficiency being much of a concern, as their primary reason for existence is ‘show’.

3 blade fan
3 blade fan in India

So for those people who always wondered about the fans being different in different countries, we hope we have provided you with convincing reasons. And for those who were not even aware of this difference, glad to provide a new learning!

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