What is www (World wide web)? How it was born?

What is www

20 years ago in 1991, the world’s first website was made. WWW or the World Wide Web was founded by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee. He was born on 8th June 1955 in London. His father, as well as his mother, were computer scientists. After getting a Bachelor’s degree in physics Tim Berners Lee worked in a telecommunication company. He also developed a type-setting software for printers.

In 1980, he started working with CERN. At that time the scientist brings their computers to CERN from all over the world. He found that due to the different systems of those computers it was a bit difficult to work together with efficiency. And then he got the idea of developing one common information management system for all. He brought the concept of Hypertext for all the scientist in 1980. In 1989, combining three different ideas he developed a new information management system

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Hypertext links the texts to each other showing on the computer screen.


TCP – Transmission Control Protocol is a type of online transport system. It transfers data from one place to another place using IP networking or we can say a connection between client and server before transmitting data.


DNS – Domain Name System. A computer connected to the internet is assigned a DNS name, for example – Google.com, Youtube.com Facebook.com, etc. Every domain name has its own unique IP Address.

These three ideas together made it possible for a user to view the whole system of a website.

Hypertext TCP DNS
Hypertext TCP DNS

6th August 1991, the first website http://info.cern.ch/ on being live brought a technical revolution. And then the www or World Wide Web was born.

First Website
First Website http://info.cern.ch/

But is also true that the discovery of the www or World Wide Web was done before this. It is a network of computers that communicates with each other. The idea already came into the market in 1960 when American researchers made ARPANET to share the information with each other. But Tim Berners Lee changes the whole of it. In few days it became so popular that it reached the common men. He gets awarded by Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth. He also wrote his ambition on the first website.

From 2009 Tim Berners-Lee with his wife running World Wide Web Foundation. Recently he sold his website source code as NFT for $5.4m. He advocates for Open data and Net neutrality, which means he supports all types of open transmission on the internet. Although he is well aware of misuse of the internet these days.

What do you think? Do you think the internet is a carrier of goodness and betterment or is a resource of crime in the world?

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