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How does a ballpoint pen work?

A ballpoint pen is a pen that uses a small rotating ball made of brass, steel, or tungsten carbide to disperse ink as you write. All of the pens that preceded the ballpoint — whether quill, metal, or fountain — used a watery, dark India ink that fed through the pen using capillary action. The problems with […]

Science Explains How Man Can Pass Hand Through Molten Metal

Everyone likes a good party trick, but the star of a viral Reddit video set a new standard for mind-boggling stunts when he passed his bare hand through a stream of molten metal. In the video, posted to r/WTF on Wednesday, a bald-headed man, hanging out in a metal smelting plant, removes his protective gloves, […]

How Electric Train Engine Works? – Indian Railway

Ever Wondered how electric train runs on the track? How it manages all the operation and what are there for safety? Let’s discuss the conventional methods briefly on Below is the diagram of electric train engine taking supply from wire known as OHE cable having supply of 25kV. OHE wire: There are two types […]

Top 10 Greatest Scientists who changed the World

Human society has reached today where it is largely on the back of scientific advancements. Can you imagine a world without electricity? Thousands of scientists have worked tirelessly throughout their lives on research, experiments, philosophies, and ideas to solve complex mysteries, save lives, make life easier, and take humanity forward. Here we take a look […]

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