10 Scientist having beauty with brain

Well everyone knows that scientist never spend so much time on themselves to look good and therefore they are not good looking. But some of female scientists will change your mind.
Here is the list of 10 female scientists who are actually beauty with brain.

1. Daniela Witten

Daniela Witten
Daniela Witten

Daniela Witten’s research involves the development of statistical machine learning methods for high-dimensional data, with applications to genomics and other fields. Daniela is a co-author (with Gareth James, Trevor Hastie, and Rob Tibshirani) of the very popular textbook “Introduction to Statistical Learning”. Daniela is the recipient of a number of honors, including an NIH Director’s Early Independence Award, a Sloan Research Fellowship, an NSF CAREER Award, and a Simons Investigator Award. Her work has been featured in the popular media: among other forums, in Forbes Magazine (three times), Elle Magazine, on KUOW radio, and as a PopTech Science Fellow. Daniela completed a BS in Math and Biology with Honors and Distinction at

Stanford University in 2005, and a PhD in Statistics at Stanford University in 2010. Since 2018, Daniela is the Dorothy Gilford Endowed Chair in Mathematical Statistics and a Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics at University of Washington.

2. Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten
Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten (born September 24, 1979) is a Canadian artist, scientist and intellectual, known for her work in integrating art and science.
Garten lectures about interdisciplinary neuroscience topics, such as “The Neuroscience of Morals” (on TVO’s Big Ideas televised lecture series), “The Neuroscience of Molecular Gastronomy” and others), as well as psychotherapy and mental health.

Garten is co-founder (with Trevor Coleman) and Chief Evangelist Officer of Interaxon, a Canadian company specializing in software for Non-invasive Brain-computer interfaces.
Garten is also a psychotherapist trained in Neuro-linguistic programming.
She has performed in many venues, including The Power Plant, and shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario and Banff Center for the Arts. She has given a Ted Talk. She was an avant garde clothing designer with a store called Flavour Hall (now closed) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has sold her fashion across North America, including Holt Renfrew in Toronto, and lectured in North America and Europe.

3. Chesk Burleson

Cheska Burleson
Cheska Burleson

Cheska Burleson (born approximately 1983) Chemist and oceanographer.

Cheska Burleson earned a PhD in Chemical Oceanography from The University of South Florida. Her research focused on the production of toxins by algae blooms commonly known as red tide. Cheska entered college for her undergraduate studies at the age of seventeen with enough credits to be classified as a junior. At that time she was also a competitive figure skater.

4. Tali Sharot

Tali Sharot
Tali Sharot

Tali Sharot is a Professor of cognitive neuroscience in the department of Experimental Psychology at University College London. Sharot began studying at Tel Aviv University, receiving a B.A. in economics in 1999, and an M.A. in psychology from New York University in 2002. She received her Ph.D in psychology and neuroscience from New York University.Sharot is known for her research on the neural basis of emotion, decision making and optimism. Sharot hopes to better understand these processes to enhance overall well-being.

5. Aditi Shankardass

Aditi Shankardass
Aditi Shankardass

Aditi Shankardass (Hindi: अदिती शंकरदास) is a British neuroscientist.
She has appeared on new media to discuss developmental disorders in children, including CNN,[1] ABC News,[2] Times of India,[3] and Financial Express,[4] a topic she discussed in her widely acclaimed TED talk in 2009 at the TED conference.

Shankardass serves as a board member of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation, an organisation devoted to raising global awareness of neurological and psychiatric disorders. She has been a consultant for the BBC Science Line in the UK, providing expertise for radio and TV documentaries.

6. Amy Mainzer

Amy Mainzer
Amy Mainzer

Amy Mainzer (born January 2, 1974) is an American astronomer, specializing in astrophysical instrumentation and infrared astronomy. She is the Deputy Project Scientist for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer and the Principal Investigator for the NEOWISE project to study minor planets and the proposed Near Earth Object Camera space telescope mission.

7. Clio Cresswell

Clio Cresswell
Clio Cresswell

Have you come across the book, Mathematics, and Sex? if yes, then you should know that Dr. Clio Cresswell authored the best-selling book. She is an Australian author, essayist, MC, social commentator, and a media personality who has enjoyed a high-level career as a university lecturer.
Talk of the world’s influential mathematics lecturers, undoubtedly, Clio should make the list. She is a public speaker who has delivered a speech on the ever-inspiring platform, TED. She is funny and ices her speeches with hints of humor.

8. Nina Tandon

Nina Tandon

Nina Marie Tandon is an American biomedical engineer. She is the CEO and co-founder of EpiBone. She currently serves as an adjunct professor of Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union and is a senior fellow at the Lab for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering at Columbia. She was a 2011 TED Fellow and a 2012 senior TED Fellow.

9. Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall (born June 18, 1962) is an American theoretical physicist working in particle physics and cosmology. She is the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science on the physics faculty of Harvard University. Her research includes elementary particles, fundamental forces and dimensions of space. She studies the Standard Model, supersymmetry, possible solutions to the hierarchy problem concerning the relative weakness of gravity, cosmology of dimensions, baryogenesis, cosmological inflation, and dark matter. She contributed to the Randall–Sundrum model, first published in 1999 with Raman Sundrum.

10. Heather Knight

Heather Knight

Heather Knight is a computer science professor at Oregon State University. Her research interests include human-robot interaction, non-verbal machine communications and non-anthropomorphic social robots. She directs the CHARISMA* Research Lab, whose goal is to operationalize methods from the performing arts to make more charismatic robots. *Collaborative Humans and Robots: Interaction, Sociability, Machine Learning, and Art.

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